Grid connected feed in tariff based solar roof top system requires the engineering expertise to make the system more efficient even at small rating. The main core strength of this system is the two way metering at 415V level. Our structure team makes the solar panel roof as a complement of the premises by their core structural engineering.


Emeral Net metering system serve as an important incentive for consumer investment in rooftop grid connected solar system. Net metering enables customers to use their own generation to offset their consumption over a billing period by allowing their electric meters to turn backwards when they generate electricity in excess of the their demand. This offset means that customers receive retail prices for the excess electricity they generate. Emeral net metering increases the value of the electricity produced by solar rooftop system and allows customers to "bank" their energy and use it a different time than it is produced giving customers more flexibility and allowing them to maximize the value of their production.

Emeral team is very much sound in the engineering design and construction. Their own manufacturing of solar panel gives them a confidence to give a power commitment for the complete solution.