Emeral is one of the best experienced solar power plant provider companies. Emeral innovative technology and solutions of industrial power have made a wide customer base in the field of solar power system. Our core expertise is designing the solar power solution as per the industry needs and make the system applicable for the local Government incentives. Emeral solar system power output tolerance is always near zero, which is always reliable for a long term system stability. This expertise gives us a confidence to commit our customer for zero revenue loss.

Emeral Solutions

Emeral generator is Crystalline and Thinfilm based solar generator. Unlike the industry's most commonly used, diesel generators, Solar Generator is simpler, nearly maintenance free and operates at higher efficiency over a wider range of power output.

With no brushes, there are none to replace. There's also no need for coupling or a slip clutch between the gearbox and generator since the unit's short-circuit current is zero.

Emeral Solar Generator is the tailor maid solution as per the industry needs. If there is no power at all than solar generator will work only on solar and if some power is available or Diesel set is already install than Emeral generator will be designed in such a way that cost will be minimize and use of diesel will be also minimize. Here there are three possible combination of solar generator.

Functional Overview

Return On Investment

Solar solution will be earning instrument than the expense in the long term. With all the environmental benefit, there are lots of government benefits available to encourage this solution. To have more clear picture we have put a small analysis report here for the cost recovery.


  • Diesel Consumption everyday
  • Rise in diesel Price
  • Diesel Generator Cost
  • Solar power plant cost
  • Interest rate on the investment
  • Depreciation of the plant
  • Replacement of Diesel Generator at 7 years
  • Life of the system for 25 years

Emeral Solar Generator

  • Investment recovery in apprx. 5-8 years
  • System life is 25 to 30 years
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Earning instrument against Expense
  • No Diesel Consumption
  • No Dependency on Diesel Price Hike
  • No Noise
  • Income tax depreciation benefit