EMERAL Solar Telecom Power Solution is very much mature for complex need of BTS shared site of Zero break down with compatibility of other power devices like Rectifier system, AMF panel-Transformer, PIU and Grid connection.

Emeral energy solutions private Limited launches a series of innovative solar telecom power solutions to reducing OPEX and bring ROI in very short time. Emeral solutions are on the base of consideration for Existing telecom sites and New hybrid telecom sites on the technology of Hybrid Solution with conventional grid for existing site and stand Alone Solution with Battery Bank and Generator for new sites.

Emeral Solutions

EMERAL family is a unique combination of Telecom power and Solar power experts.

EMERAL has designed highly economical Telecom Solar Power Systems to serve the exact need of telecom site. EMERAL’s domain experience of more than 12 years is giving a new direction to telecom power with renewable energy.

EMERAL’s SPV system tolerance is always on positive side, which is very much suitable for stand alone and on grid applications.

1. Stand Alone Solar BTS Power System

SPV System is designed to operate complete load profile only through Solar Power for required hour of operation per day. No other source of energy is utilized either for loads or charging the battery bank. During the Night time the Energy stored in a battery bank will run the load.

2. Solar – Grid Hybrid BTS Power System

It is a SPV system interacting with the utility by using sophisticated control equipment to support the Load, Solar array as well as Grid. In this system direct power is passed to an inverter which converters the AC power. Inverter monitors the mains supply frequency and phase angle and generates electricity that is phase matched.

Emeral offers choices that best fit customer requirements and budget.

Very often, the telecom site has to buy standard latest equipment offered by vendors. This approach usually is not the most optimize and may causes to exceed the budget and hence diminish the profit unnecessarily.

Emeral takes a different approach by putting our customers requirement in first priority. We provide choices of either purchasing new equipment (Capex model) as per site requirement and charge not for the equipment but commitment of power out put or simply rent what is the need(Power only) and scale up over time (Opex model). We offer onsite Rental Hardware on demand based on a set of agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA). You simply get the same computing resources at your premises and pay only for what you need. The SLA is tailored to meet your unique requirement for computing power, resources and budget.

By providing with the choices, we ensure that operator accomplish his business objectives with the most optimized investment.

Emeral Solar Generator

  • Investment recovery in apprx. 5-8 years
  • System life is 25 to 30 years
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Earning instrument against Expense
  • No Diesel Consumption
  • No Dependency on Diesel Price Hike
  • No Noise
  • Income tax depreciation benefit

Return On Investment

Solar solution will be earning instrument than the expense in the long term. With all the environmental benefit, there are lots of government benefits available to encourage this solution. To have more clear picture we have put a small analysis report here for the cost recovery.


  • Diesel Consumption everyday
  • Rise in diesel Price
  • Diesel Generator Cost
  • Solar power plant cost
  • Interest rate on the investment
  • Depreciation of the plant
  • Replacement of Diesel Generator at 7 years
  • Life of the system for 25 years