Why Emeral

"Success is of doing what is necessary, it is no use of saying we are the best"

Emeral Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a highly experienced group of solar power, conventional power station (Generation, Transmission & Distribution) and Telecom power experts. Out team of multi segment expertise understands the hurdles, constraints and need of our esteem customers. We provide the complete end to end solutions, which will give customer a surety of return with zero revenue loss just by sitting in the office.

One of the lucrative returns available in the solar industry is that of a Grid Interactive power plant. With a constantly increasing government support to renewable market, demand for a well-trained end to end project executor is constantly increasing these days.

Combination of a proven SPV technology and GVT support becomes a fixed deposit with high interest. But this combination becomes highly difficult in present time due to the multi segments (Government, Solar, Civil, Environment, Substations, etc.) expertise.

One need to have good clear picture of government current policy and coming policies on Solar power plants that are supported by excellent technology team in order to analyze and design the project and get approved for a government aids and loan from any of the reputable finance organization at a lower interest rate and flexible repayment terms

Single Window Solutions to Solar Investments

We have rich experience of working with a diversify segments. With an enviable return across the Globe and an innovative approach towards solar power investment, we now offer some unique opportunities to invest wisely and safely. We provide single window solutions for solar power plant investments. We specialize in providing customized solutions to individuals, corporate and NRIs.

Cash To Door Services

Emeral is here to give you a service of Cash to Door for Solar power plant. We provide useful knowledge to find the right Site, financial product at the right price, Government Aids avail guideline, proven technology and precise project management.

Business analysis team

Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions and extensive research, we help our clients with customized solutions to design the cash flow with the solar power investment. Through innovative thinking and cutting-edge research, we help our clients to understand the return of investment landscape in Solar power industry and advise them for the right kind of investment model at the right time in the right solar project. We study the business characteristics of our client and prepare the appropriate cash flow to avail the maximum benefit out of the Solar MW Power plant project.